Cloister of Santo Domingo

Welcome reception

Place Cloister of Santo Domingo
Address Alameda Marqués de Casa Domecq, 4,11402 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain
GPS coordinates N 36º 41´ 9. 636¨   -   W 6º 08´ 10.607¨
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The welcome reception will be held at the Cloister of Santo Domingo in Jerez de la Frontera city center.
This is one of the most important monastic sites in the city and is one of the jewels of Gothic architecture of Andalusia. A very important cultural place in Jerez. His historical importance lies on of the first temples in up outside the city walls. The architectural quality and the size of the church, cloisters, sacristy and other auxiliary rooms made it one of the great monastic foundations of Andalusia, which came to house more than one hundred twenty friars.
This space has hosted the most important events of the city because of the spectacular nature of its facilities.