Mark van Loosdrecht, Chair of the Programme Committee

Access to affordable and safe water is a great global challenge, and with growing population and urbanization, only emerging new approaches can make cleaner water more accessible to all people, while maintaining the natural balances of ecosystems. This is even more evident in water scarce areas like Southern Spain. 

The Program Committee relies on your participation at and input to this conference, the 13th of a series that we started in Nordwijkerhout in 2003. This exceptional event attracts leading water professionals and scientists from all over the world. 

Your contribution – as speakers and attendees – ensures that LET keeps its characteristics: the highest quality for scientific content, the most impact of technical developments, the most intense interchange of personal and professional opinions – bridging the gap between academia and practice. Indeed, the LET is famous for offering top notch water technology and the most active network of managers looking proactively for solutions. 

Following previous LET conferences, the event will cover both local and international themes. The Programme Committee selects recognized world leaders to anchor each topic, complemented by platform speakers and poster presenters from a highly competitive call. Only peer reviewed contributions are accepted to maintain high quality and consistency, and yield a productive debate. 

I welcome each of you to the 2016 LET in Jerez – where water is crucial to achieve the first miracle and produce spectacular wines. This will allow a stimulating and invigorating exchange on many innovative ideas and solutions developed in the area and worldwide – as it is from here that the explorers started to discover the new world.