Industrial Innovation Forum

Industrial Innovation Forum is an exciting new presentation formula that has been tested as aqualia Innovation prize in the event wex-global (organized and chaired by Isle Utilities).  
In this occasion, several companies will compete for the prize of the best new product or process. Each contestant has 7 minutes to present their pitch, followed by a 7 minute grilling session by the evaluation panel – and the audience.
After all the innovations have been presented, the panel takes a public poll of the audience, and deliberates privately to chose the worthy winner.
The winner will be announced at the gala dinner which is sponsored by PWN Technologies

The Industrial Innovation Forum will take place at the Hotel EXE Guadalete after the afternoon break on Tuesday, 14th June 2016


Chairs: Stuart Moss, Isle Utilities and Avelino Brito, Director General of AENOR
16:45  Koch The New Pulsion MBR. Christoph Thiemig  
17:00 Cambi The innovative Solidsstream hydrolysis. Paal Nielsen 
15:15 Bactest Shepherd – floc monitoring and management for activated sludge. Annie Brooking 
17:30 Pyreg Pyrolysis for Phosphorus recovery. Kevin Friedrich 
17:45 Ostara WASSTRIP to turbo-charge nutrient removal and recovery. Philip Abrary 
18:00 SUEZ SeMPAC: a compact technology for micropollutants removal. Nicolas de Arespacochaga