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Aqualia Aqualia is the water management company of FCC, one of the largest European services groups. Aqualia is the third largest private water company in Europe and seventh in the world. Aqualia responds to the needs of all parties, private and public, at all stages of the water cycle, providing water for human, industrial, and agricultural uses. Its main activity is the management of municipal water services and operation of large BOT projects.

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PWN Technologies

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  • Koch Membrane Systems – Your strategic partner in an evolving global marketplace.
    For half a century, Koch Membrane Systems has been a world-class developer and manufacturer of innovative membrane filtration systems serving a global marketplace. We develop the finest filtration membranes, build custom and engineered systems for a broad array of industries, and provide superior technical and customer service support.

    With a worldwide installed base approaching 20,000 systems, we continue to set the standard as an industry-leading membrane system provider. Our solutions are at work today in a wide variety of markets that include municipal and industrial water and wastewater processing; dairy, juice, and wine processing; industrial biotechnology; and many more. We help thousands of industries reduce their water footprint, increase productivity, and reduce costs.


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  • Ostara helps protect precious water resources by changing the way cities around the world manage nutrients in wastewater streams. The company’s Pearl® technology recovers phosphorus and nitrogen at municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and transforms them into a high-value, eco-friendly fertiliser, Crystal Green®. The process greatly reduces nutrient management costs and helps plants meet increasingly stringent discharge limits while improving operating reliability.

    Crystal Green is the first continuous release granular fertiliser to provide Root-Activated™ phosphorus, nitrogen and magnesium (5-28-0-10Mg), and is marketed through a global network of blenders and distributors to growers in the turf, horticultural and agriculture sectors. Its unique Root-Activated™ mode of action improves crop yields, enhances turf performance and significantly reduces the risk of leaching and runoff, thus protecting local waterways from nutrient pollution. Ostara operates multiple facilities throughout North America and Europe. For more information, visit www.ostara.com and www.crystalgreen.com


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  • METAWATER Co., Ltd. is one of the leading water and environment engineering companies in Japan with our own proprietary mechanical and electrical technologies.  We have been engaged in the installation and service works of mechanical and electrical system; for example, drinking water treatment plants, wastewater treatment and sludge management plants, waste recycling plants, etc., in drinking water, wastewater, and environment protection business field under the strong intention for providing any clients with the best solution in order to create a sustainable right water and resource circulation.

    Our wide range of service such as EPC works as a general contractor, O&M services, privatization (PFI, BTO, etc.), integrated management services for multiple different municipalities, make a contribution to realization of more sustainable social infrastructures.



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  • Suez as a group offers industrial services and solutions specialized in recovering and protecting resources. Our activities centre on: water, waste recycling and recovery, treatment solutions and consulting.
    We are a staff of 80,000 that spans the globe and offers our customers—local authorities, industries and consumers—as well as our partners and stakeholders all over the world practical solutions for tackling the new challenges facing resource management.

    Advanced Solutions is the Suez business line that encompasses all activities related to water solutions and technologies.
    Its business strategy is customer-centric and Focuses on new markets, relying on acquired experience, knowledge and talent.


  • The AGUAS DE VALENCIA Group is a leading organisation committed with the provision of high quality services that embrace the whole integrated water cycle. The company, in the middle of a process of international expansion in Middle East, Africa and Latin America, offers nowadays water supply and sanitation services to more than 3 million people in more than 500 municipalities across 11 out of the 17 Spanish regions; including the city of Valencia and its metropolitan area (+2 million inhabitants).

    Water scarcity in eastern Spanish regions has historically forged the character of the company, which has always considered water as the high value resource that it actually is. Therefore, achieving a more sustainable management of water resources is one of the main objectives of the company. According to its vision, the AGUAS DE VALENCIA Group has in the recent years redoubled efforts to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies aimed at ensuring the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the water supply and wastewater treatment services offered. Moreover, the company is very committed with the social component of water related services.


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  • ACCIONA Agua is a leader in the water treatment sector with the ability to design, construct and operate drinking water treatment plants, residual purification plants, tertiary treatment plants for re-use and reverse-osmosis desalination plants. ACCIONA Agua is committed to innovation and the application of the latest technologies, together with ensuring water quality in the different areas of activity. The different stages of ACCIONA Agua, manages end-to-end services covering every stage in the water treatment process: we make water fit for human consumption, deliver it to the population and purify urban and industrial wastewater, with direct billing to end-users.

    The mission of ACCIONA AGUA is to be a leading provider of global solutions contributing to sustainable development in the water sector through innovations in the design, execution and operation of plants for the treatment, purification and desalination of water. ACCIONA Agua’s strategy is based on maintaining a significant presence in the integral water cycle in those countries where it leads the sector including Spain, Italy and Portugal. In addition, the company places great priority on growth at an international level, acquiring a portfolio of desalination and waste water treatment plants of reference in strategic areas including India, Africa, the Middle East, South-East Asia, Australia and Latin America.



  • Grundfos BioBooster - Next Generation Wastewater Solutions. The solution to the global water crisis lies in cleaning wastewater at its source. Grundfos BioBooster brings water back to life by treating it to such purity levels that it can be reused. We develop and deliver solutions for wastewater treatment and water re-use for applications in the food and beverage industries and for treating municipal and hospital wastewater. Grundfos Biobooster is robust but very easy to install and to maintain.

    Thanks to its decentralized and industrialized system, the plant can be easily placed in remote areas located far away, being possible to move from idea to realization in just a few months. Due to its modular construction, the plant can also rapidly be adjusted to your changing production demands. Our range includes stand alone filter modules which can be easily integrated into existing solutions. Yes, we are the next generation wastewater treatment plants. With us, tomorrow's concept is available today and easier than you can imagine.

    Contact us: Grundfos BioBooster A/S Randersvej 22A DK -8870 Langå Denmark Phone: (+45) 87 50 14 00 www.grundfos-biobooster.com

  • Nereda® is an innovative, advanced biological wastewater treatment technology that purifies water using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. Unlike conventional processes, the purifying bacteria concentrates naturally in compact granules, with excellent settling properties. As a result of the large variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the granular biomass, Nereda® is capable of meeting stringent effluent quality requirements. Extensive biological phosphorus and nitrogen reduction is an intrinsic attribute of this technology, resulting in chemical free operation.

    These unique process features translate into compact, energy saving and easy to operate Nereda® installations for both municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Nereda® presents attractive new solutions for greenfield and brownfield sites and retrofitting or extending conventional activated sludge plants. The technology is also highly recommended for performance and capacity upgrades of existing SBR facilities.
    This unique technology is supported by ACCIONA Agua, Spanish leader in the water treatment sector with the ability to design, construct and operate water treatment plants.

  • PYREG GmbH is an innovative solution provider in the field of environmental technology. The company is situated in Dörth (Germany) and deals with energetic and material recycling of different biomasses.  PYREG manufactures equipment for the production of biochar, activated carbon and phosphorus fertiliser and via its subsidiary company, PYREG trades in the renewable thermal energy business and the material recycling of different biomasses as well as the marketing of the products it produces.

    Using a PYREG module, quality biochar and activated carbon is produced from organic residues, however, another innovative technique offered by the PYREG module is the thermal treatment of sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant (WwTP) to recover its phosphorus content as an enriched “plant available” fertiliser . In both cases excess thermal energy is generated for further use.
    The PYREG technology is based on a staged combustion, which has the ability to carbonise different natural biomasses in a thermal way. What remains is a sanitised mineral and carbon-containing dry residue, which can be used, for example, directly for soil amendment (phosphorus fertiliser, biochar) or as additive in the livestock husbandry (biochar, activated carbon).

  • Toray offers expertise across the entire spectrum of high-performance water treatment membranes, including Reverse-Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Microfiltration (MF) membrane elements, Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) membrane modules, complementary membrane related products such as high performance reverse osmosis ROPUR-RPI® antiscalants.

    Today, our product line includes a full range of state-of –the –art cross-linked polyamide composite membranes manufactured under ISO-9001 certification.
    TORAYFIL® Toray UF/MF Membrane: Toray’s PVDF hollow fiber membrane module effectively removes suspended solids and microorganisms such as pathogens, when used for various types of water treatment. This innovative membrane module was developed with polymer science and the membrane fabrication technologies accumulated in Toray Industries, Inc. for more than 30 years.
    MEMBRAY® Toray MBR Membrane:  Toray’s Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) process is a combination of biological wastewater treatment and membrane filtration.
    Biodegradable pollution is reduced using bacteria and microorganisms. Following biological treatment, the activated sludge is separated from the treated water by a microfiltration membrane.


ASA-Andalucía is a regional water association based in Seville and focused on the management of the water profession to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and quality guarantee when delivering water supply services. ASA-Andalucía is a professional association composed of a wide network of specialized experts in different fields related to the water sector, working together on the continuous improvement of urban water cycle.

This association offers technical support and assistance in order to contribute, improve, maintenance and also ensure the provision of a service of quality water to all citizens, a challenge for operators, regulators, organisms, institutions and other key stakeholders. ASA-Andalucía promotes institutional relations and a permanent dialogue strategy across management companies in the sector and institutions, always with the aim of optimizing the techniques of water supply services.

        Aljarafesa is responsible public company to manage the complete water cycle to the more than 300,000 residents of 29 municipalities in the county of Aljarafe, or in otrher words, which is responsible for the management and administration of integral hydraulic circuit from the uptake of water resources until delivery of wastewater purged in natural channels. 
The joint effort made ​​between all stakeholders in the region, has resulted in the water is no longer a problem in the municipalities of the Commonwealth of Aljarafe and Aljarafesa what it is today, one of the greatest assets of our municipalities.
    Consorcio de Aguas de Bilbao-Bizkaia is a publicly-owned utility company. It was founded in 1967, to guarantee water supplies to the area known then as Greater Bilbao. This supramunicipal district comprised 19 municipalities, and was at that time undergoing substantial growth.

In 1979 the company undertook clean-up operations in the Nervión-Ibaizabal River, in what can certainly be described as the biggest environmental project in the Basque Country, and one of the biggest anywhere in Spain. The company's membership now extends to 80 municipalities, and it serves over one million people: 90% of the population of Bizkaia

  • Emasesa Metropolitan is the first 100% public enterprise in Andalusia and the second in Spain that manages the entire water cycle from its catchment to its treatment and return to the environment, supplying quality water to more than a million people in Seville and the Metropolitan district. In Emasesa we have managed to maintain an economic balance with a model of excellence in public management, reaching high levels of satisfaction regarding product quality and service, therefore fulfilling our commitment as a socially responsible and energetically efficient enterprise.

    This permanent optimization enables us to continue investing in our clients, with innovation as the driving force of transformation and the key to the competitiveness of the company.

    Main Datas: 1.065.000 Population supplied. 305.000 with raw water, 12 Municipalities supplied. 30 with raw water, 368.000 Customers. Level satisfaction 7,45 out of 10, 112 litres/ person / day. Average daily consumption per person, 164,4 M€ Turnover.

           Denmark is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to water management, triggered by the important challenges the country faces being a plain country surrounded by water, many rainy days pr. year and where almost all water supply comes from underground sources. The Danish industry has developed technologies and innovative solutions to cope with these challenges, becoming in many cases dominant players in the global market.
Danish valve manufacturer companies AVK, waste water treatment technology supplier BIOBOOSTER and metering solutions provider KAMSTRUP will be present at the Danish information point at the LET-IWA event, together with DANVA, the Danish Association Water Supply and Treatment, and the branch organisation DWTG, Danish Water Technology Group.



Esri Spain is built on the belief that knowing where things happen matters. We are a software and services organisation specialising in the application of geographic information systems or GIS. GIS is based on the principle of attaching a location to every piece of data. We help customers record where things happen and analyse why to give business insight on which to make better decisions. Since 1991 we help public and private organizations understand the importance of geography on their business.

Evoqua Water Technologies continues a 100 year tradition, offering leading brands including Envirex®, MEMCOR®, Wallace & Tiernan®, Jet Tech, DAVCO™, RJ Environmental and JWI®. Evoqua delivers high performance technologies for primary and secondary clarification, biological treatment, ultrafiltration, tertiary filtration, anaerobic digestion, odor control, and disinfection.