The International Water Association (IWA) is a global network of water professionals, spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle. Through IWA members collaborate to promote the development and implementation of innovative and effective approaches to water management.

The strength of IWA lies in the professional and geographic diversity of its membership – a global mosaic of member communities, including academic researchers and research centers, utilities, consultants, regulators, industrial water users and water equipment manufacturers. IWA members from each of these communities represent the leading edge in their fields of expertise; together they are building new frontiers in the research and implementation of water and wastewater treatment technologies, with the framework of the total water cycle.


Founded in 1973, AEAS (Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation) is the leading professional association of water operators and enterprises responsible for the operation, maintenance, exploitation and management of urban water.

AEAS associates are water management entities, regional associations, research institutions, manufacturers, associations spanning all sectors of the water industry and individual professionals or academic members, that provide water supply, management and reuse services in public, private and mixed models, encompassing more than three quarters of the Spanish population.

AEAS members are experts in multiple disciplines, from the most technical (such as equipment and process control, leakage detection and prevention or remote control of complex systems), to educational dissemination, promotion towards a more “rational use of water”, customer management optimization and smart water solutions.

AEAS is the leading agent for cooperation, transference and dissemination of practical knowledge and experience, know-how and information of the water sector in Spain. The biennial survey on supply and sanitation services is a valuable benchmarking tool at sector and country level. The technical meetings are the best possible forum for knowledge and information exchange.

AEAS has established Technical Commissions and Working Groups that provide support, develop studies, reports and proposals on the different areas of urban water cycle: abstraction and water treatment engineering; quality and water treatment; distribution networks; urban drainage and sewerage; waste water treatment; management and commercial relations; economics and statistics; RDI; CSR.

AEAS works in close cooperation with EurEau and other international associations such as IWA, OECD and Latin- American associations



FCC Aqualia is the water management company of FCC, one of the largest European services groups. Aqualia is the third largest private water company in Europe and sixth in the world, according to the latest ranking by the specialist publication, Global Water Intelligence, and serves 23.5 million users.

It currently provides service to 1,100 towns in 22 countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Algeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, South Africa, Tunisia, Qatar, Serbia and Kosovo.

Aqualia responds to the needs of all parties, private and public, at all stages of the water cycle, providing water for human, industrial, and agricultural uses. Its main activity is the management of municipal water services.

In a short space of time Aqualia has positioned itself as a leader in the sector, a cohesive, specialist operator at the forefront of the sector thanks to a highly-specialised and committed team that is constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency in production processes and optimise resources. This modus operandi, which has enabled Aqualia to consolidate itself as leader in the domestic market, is also apparent in export markets, with a strategy formulated to consolidate ambitious but prudent growth overseas.



The Group of Environmental Engineering and Bioprocesses of the University of Santiago de Compostela started its activity in 1985 and nowadays it comprises 9 professors and associated professors, 8 post-doctoral researchers, 5 technical staff, more than 30 PhD students and 5-10 students from foreign universities. 

Its Mission is to generate scientific and technological knowledge useful for a sustainable development of society and to train entrepreneurial researchers, promoting synergies in a human and stimulating environment.

The group focuses its activity mainly on four research lines: 1- Novel wastewater treatment technologies. 2- Environmental Management. 3 -Treatment of gases in diffuse emissions by biofiltration. 4 - Biorefinery

In the last 8 years it has participated in 12 European projects and international networks, 42 Spanish projects and celebrated 52 research contracts with companies. The scientific production included 32 PhD Theses, more than 450 papers in international journals and 10 Patents (4 european or international) being 4 of them licensed to companies. 

The Group coordinates 3 research networks dealing with wastewater treatment at European (Cost Action Water_2020), Spanish (RedNovedar) and Galician (REGATA) level.