Helmut Kroiss IWA President

The leading edge technology conference (LET) is devoted to innovation in the field of water technology, allowing to bring research and development to rapid practical application. This IWA initiative improves the instruments for water management, and widens their scope - with a focus on integrating urban water systems and river basins. 

Mark van Loosdrecht, Chair of the Programme Committee

Access to affordable and safe water is a great global challenge, and with growing population and urbanization, only emerging new approaches can make cleaner water more accessible to all people, while maintaining the natural balances of ecosystems. This is even more evident in water scarce areas like Southern Spain. 

The Program Committee relies on your participation at and input to this conference, the 13th of a series that we started in Nordwijkerhout in 2003. This exceptional event attracts leading water professionals and scientists from all over the world. 

Fernando Morcillo, Chair of the Organising Committee

As President of the Spanish Association of Water Supply and Sanitation (AEAS) is my pleasure to introduce this event.Spain is among the European countries that suffer a higher water stress. Perhaps that is why Spanish people are in the group of citizens who consume resources in a more responsible way, in terms of per capita consumption. Currently, the average household consumption is 135 liters per day, which is 10% less than 2012. Spain is a country with a significant water culture.



Dear Delegates, 
Thank you very much for your participation at the 2016 Leading Edge Conference. We would like to inform you that each participant will receive a certificate of attendance directly to the contact address provided during the registration process, without any prior specific request. Please, be patience since this could take a while. Thanks for your understanding!


It is our pleasure to announce that the full conference proceedings are now available for all the LET attendees.


Pleased to share some exciting images of LET2016 Conference. Have a look the album LET2016 in Flickr

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